CHINEE Inflatables is dedicated designing,manufacturing,exporting inflatable parks,quality as the core, safety and innovation development of survival.focus on inflatable product for 25 years.Since then we have installed more than any other company on the planet. Our inflatable parks have proven the test of time with the longest operating facilities around the world.

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Established in 1998, CHINEE Inflatables is one of the biggest inflatable manufacturers in China.Centrally located in Guangzhou with factories in Dongsha Economic & High-tech Zone of Liwan.CHINEE Inflatables is dedicated designing,manufacturing,exporting inflatable parks,Quality as the core, safety and innovation development of survival.Own 30 pcs professional equipments,auto-cutting machines,precise stitching machines,heat welding machines etc.We have been striving for producing the safest inflatable park for our customers.CHINEE's superior quality and workmanship is renowned throughout the world. We regularly export products to our satisfied customers in USA,UK,Russia and the Middle East to name but a few. Together with the outstanding level of Customer Service we provide,the modern and efficient manufacturing techniques we employ make CHINEE your first choice for inflatable novelties.

Explore Our Range Of Features

Not all slides have to be straight up and down. Why not look for something different with a wavy descent on your slide.

Crossing Jungle

Through the forest, the only requirement is quick,quick,quick!To feel the excitement of crossing obstacles when the vision is limited, increase children's self-confidence.

Obstacle Courses

Mixing jumping up-and-down with exploring up-and-under, assault courses bring an adventurous element to your park. Making your park interactive will enhance your visitors’ experience and give it that something different to help you stand out from the crowd.

Climbing Walls

Exciting and exhilarating structures cleverly designed for both the adventurous high climbing thrill seeker and the less confident beginner all in one.

Bounce Zones

In every inflatable park it is important to strike the balance between fun features and open plan bounce area. Large open bounce areas are the best way to increase the user numbers within your park and offer the purest bounce experience. Other uses for open bounce area include; fitness classes, rest areas, dodgeball/nerf games.


Games form an essential part of any park, breaking up the open bounce areas into feature destinations around the site. Chinee have a range of single, dual and multi-player games to bring the FUN FACTOR.

Why Chinee Inflatables?

Established in 1998, CHINEE Inflatables is one of the biggest inflatable manufacturers in China, wherever you are in the world, we can provide the ultimate inflatable park experience. Chinee designs, prints, manufactures and installs your bespoke inflatable park, taking you from that first phone call through to continued customer service long after you take your first bounce.

Why buy an inflatable park from Chinee Inflatables? With more than 20 years’ experience in the inflatables industry and a team of experts in the design, build, installation and maintenance of inflatables, you can be sure that what you imagine will be what you get (within the realms of reality, of course!).

Everything we design and manufacture is built to the highest standard and where applicable is EN14960 compliant.

One of the most profitable leisure industry investments for quarter of a century.

Our giant inflatable parks have transpired to be one of the most profitable leisure industry investments.

Although highly technical in design and manufacture, our giant inflatable parks are essentially an advancement of the giant bouncy castle. Huge bags of air that are soft in every aspect of play. That makes our inflatable parks unique to any other aspect of play because there are no hard objects anywhere and anybody can play in what are arguably the most safe play environments on the planet.

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